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College Orientation Helps
Christian Students

Why Provide Orientation Information for Christian Students?

The Christian World View is Right! We will show you why.

Over the years the Atheists, the Naturalists, the Humanists, and the Evolutionists have captured the minds of many with slogans and sayings. For example they told us that "Creation is religion and Evolution is science." This is clearly a method of indoctrination. Evolution is an atheistically based world view. It manifests many characteristics of a religion. It claims to be science based. Yet a great many of its claims cannot be established by the scientific method. Most of its foundations are based upon unproveable presumptions which are upheld by the "consensus" of its adherents. Its philosophical foundations and nature are particularly soft according to the laws of logic.

This orientation resource purposes to provide the Christian student with comparative information.

First, Biblical foundations are declared. This will provide to the student a reasoned and documented resource. It will aid them in understanding the foundations for the perspectives from which they gained their training. This could be defined as the Christian World view.

Secondly, the atheistically based resources will also be referenced and documented. Without understanding these two world views, the Christian student will have no basis to make a comparison and understand the contrasts. Without making these comparisons, the Christian student will tend to be adrift when the atheistic philosophies are presented in their classes.

Learning is dependent upon one having a point of reference to make a comparison and to make sense of that they hear. Studying and understanding these resources should aid the Christian student to advance more effectively in his field of endeavor.

Articles and links will be posted to provide information useful to the student. These resources will provide powerful refutation to common presuppositions. Students do not have to "just accept" the indoctrination of professors and media because there is no known available evidence to make comparisons.

It is time to take back the bywords of the John Dewey adherents who call for academic freedom. True academic freedom specifically addresses the issues of looking at all the evidence that is available before making conclusions. This is education. Indoctrination happens when one only looks at the evidence which supports one's religious presuppositions and draws conclusions.

Today, it is clearly the Evolutionist adherents who have tendency of practicing indoctrination. An example of this is the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy which seems to systematically exclude mention of Absolute truths and their foundation in the Creator. In their article on "Truth," the possibility of truth coming from divinity is omitted. (as viewed May 7, 2008) Willful omission is one sided information which ignores the culture of over half of those in the USA, national history, European History and world history.

AN APOLOGETICS CAUTION: For a student to willfully cause disruptions, express disrespect, and or manifest rebellion in his academic environment, is a violation of basic Christian principles. Yet, to allow conclusions to be made without a polite asking for scientific support is also a violation of a Christian's duties. The student needs to be adequately prepared to ask occasional and reasonable questions based upon knowledge and truth which challenge error. But it is also necessary to be able to do so while honoring the position of one's elder. Malicious disruption of a classroom in a manner which stops legitimate learning or which prevents the lecturer from making reasonable presentations of his work as he is prepared so to do is also wrong.

The student is not called to sacrifice his intellect. He is called to learn the issues of logic, reason, knowledge, ethics, and morality. All of these need to be understood in the context of his Creator's laws, decrees, character and holiness. It requires that one be a student of truth. He must understand how it is that the Creator God is the source of all truth, knowledge, understanding, and wisdom.

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